Berkshire Guitar Society
- the forum for players -

o join, you can simply turn up to one of our monthly meetings or to one of the concerts we sponsor at South Hill Park. Details of the venue are on the Home Page of this site and the dates can be found on the Diary page. If you are not able to visit us, you can still join by contacting us via email.

he benefits of membership include

  • an email of the monthly newsletter
  • participation in duet or ensemble work
  • opportunities to perform in a variety of contexts, both very informal and slightly less formal
  • trial performances prior to exams
  • inspiration - hearing like-minded amateur players performing sometimes to a very high standard
  • networking - finding out things which are happening in the world of guitar

he annual Membership is 50. Concessions apply for the usual categories such as family groups, students and others. Pro-rata rates apply for those who join part-way through the year. Renewal is in February of each year. You may choose to pay the subscription annually (the normal method) or to pay per visit (5 per time). Of course, your first visit is totally free.

he subscriptions go to cover the cost of hiring South Hill Park venue for the 11 nights of the year and also allows a small kitty to partially subsidise professional concerts by young, local performers.

e are a very open society and you should feel assured of a warm welcome on your arrival.

Last revised: June 23, 2011 .