As you can imagine by our name our focus is on the guitar and all that it is related to it. Most guitar enthusiasts are not just content will being able to play this instrument or listening to it, but want to know as much as they can about it. This is in thanks to the passion that guitar enthusiasts possesses.

The aim of this site is to offer a wonderful collection of information that in some way revolves around this amazing instrument. As a guitar lover, you may not realize that this is an instrument capable of producing music that fits in wonderfully with the entertainment world of Casino playing.

Here you are going to find some very interesting information as to how the brands of some Bands have managed to nicely infiltrate the slot machine industry. You are going to find how this relates to the Motorhead Music Band as well as Guns N Roses and how these favourites have nicely been combined with some exciting slot play.

Then some of the topics here will include important events like top Guitar Duos. Some of which you may already be aware of, but if you are new to the guitar world then you may not as yet.

For beginners or those who want to know more about guitars then you will surely enjoy our topic on the history for it.

While as a guitar enthusiast you may have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to playing this great instrument you will surely enjoy all of the topics we have covered here.

We also love music themed slot machines of course

Music can really color life, can’t it? Hearing our favorite song played can brighten up even the grayest of days. In the same way that music can get most people in a better mood, a relaxing casino game can make us forget about everyday worries.

So why not merge the two?

This combination, music and casino games, has proven to be a winning combination. Slot machines with music themes have been developed by several different developers and have been very appreciated among casino players. In these games, you can enjoy the best songs from just your favorite artist while you get to spin on a really sharp slot.

Below we have listed two of our favorite popular music-themed slots available online.

Megadeth Slot Machine

Are you a real metal nerd then you will definitely love this slot machine! Megadeth slot is based on the American thrash metal band of the same name. The group was formed already in 1983 and remains active to this day.

In the game, we can, of course, in addition to listening to the Group’s absolute Greatest hits, also encounter typical rock symbols such as drums, amplifiers, and guitar accompaniment. Of course, there are also the band’s members as symbols in the slot machine, of which Mustaine (one of the band’s members), acts as a wild symbol.

In the game, there are a number of pleasant surprises such as bonus games, 40 different pay lines and an RTP of 97 %.

King of Pop Slot Machine

Michael Jackson, the king of pop, is missing worldwide. Since Michael passed away in 2009, people have paid tribute and preserved his music in different ways. And what, for a casino game developer, can be a better tribute than creating your own slot machine for the former pop star?

Michael Jackson – King of Pop slot was released in may 2016, and contains everything a player could wish for. Of course, the symbols consist of classic Michael Jackson motifs such as the white gloves, sunglasses and the famous hat.

In the game, there are a variety of features and the bonus game is of course activated by Michael himself in his own high person. A must-have for you who miss our pop idol!