Casino Video Slots Named After Famous Bands

Famous bands can always make their way into almost anything. Who would have thought that these bands would even make a good idea for video slots? With several bands and music personalities being a theme for slot machines, it has definitely helped in boosting the entertainment value of the casino. After all, you get to listen to your favourite bands in sync with your game while getting an opportunity to cash out big.


Kiss is undeniably one of the most influential rock bands in history. With their famous face makeup masks and their rock music, it would be easy to recognise them on the video slots. Lead singer Gene Simmons is also an entrepreneur and when he saw that he could make business with his band in the form of video slots, he surely did not waste time making that decision. The video slot itself would, of course, feature their famous signs like the Demon Starchild, Space Ave, and the Love Gun which comes in during the bonus round.

ZZ Top

From the face masks to the long bears and hats, ZZ Top definitely makes it to the top with their video slot machines. The ZZ Top machines are one of the oldest video slots available in the casinos, so it may not be as high-tech as the more recent music-themed machines. Despite its age, it still continues to attract customers, especially ZZ Top fans. What makes the machine eye-catching is the weird game mechanics it features. Of course, expect it to still feature the usual concert videos of ZZ Top from around the world.

The Rolling Stones

If there is an epitome to seeing the success of having a music-themed video slot, it would be The Rolling Stones version. It is not entirely because of their music although that contributes a great deal to it. Rather, it is how the machine was made. With its unique iChair and a 5.1 surround sound giving you a seemingly live concert feeling, it gives you that full immersive gaming experience.