Music Lovers will Love These 3 Music-Themed Slots

Almost anyone can play slot machines provided of course that you are of age and actually have the money to do so. If you are up for it, you do not have to stray away from music. As they say, music can be found anywhere and everywhere, so why would it not be found in a casino? Don’t try to think too hard about it as you have probably already understood from the title, there are music-themed slots you may want to try. Musically-inclined people will love these casino slots and that of course, includes us, guitar enthusiasts. Here are three machine slots we always look for out in the casinos.

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop has definitely made his way to many merchandises, so it is no surprise that he would eventually appear in games like slot machines. It has everything that he is known for; the black shoes and white socks, gloves, sunglasses, and of course the groovy dance moves. The bonus games even happen with his famous “Beat It” and “Smooth Criminal” music videos. You can already expect him to do his signature moonwalk across the screen. He will even do his usual squeal when you place in your money.

The Rolling Stones

Needless to say, the English Rock band has been one of the most influential bands to date. But aside from featuring them, what makes this machine special is its technical features. It has a 5.1 surround sound definitely offering that high-quality music while playing and its iChair gives a boosted immersive gameplay. After all, playing machine slots or casino games not just about betting money, but it should be also about having fun.

Elvis Presley

From the King of Pop to the King of Rock and Roll, of course, playing an Elvis Presley-themed slot machine would be fun. It is like the MJ slot machine but features a lot more game bonuses and features more music videos. Although, the speaking voice might not be up to the standards of a fan.