Casino, Guns ‘N’ Roses Slot Machines Will Get You Playing More

If there is a more modern band that has been arguably close to many of the classic rock bands, or maybe it already is, it would be no other than Guns N’ Roses. They have sold over 35 million copies worldwide from just two albums (Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II) and have been on the top of the charts for many years now. Needless to say, you can already say something about Guns N’ Roses’ fame seeing that almost everyone around the street will have probably heard at least one song from them. Ask casino enthusiasts and they will definitely know about them, especially with a Guns N’ Roses slot machine available.

The Guns N’ Roses Slot Machine

From the start to the end of the game, it is simply filled with their music all over the place. When you start the game, you will hear one of their famous songs “Welcome to the Jungle” starting to play in the background. What is great about this machine is that it allows you to choose another song from the band from the playlist displayed below as there are so many great hits to choose from.

With a minimum bet of £0.20 and £200 as the maximum, you can even play this on-the-go with your laptop, tablet, or just on your smartphone. The game itself features a lot of entertaining content with some of them popping out only when you trigger a particular feature. Of course, expect to see and hear Guns N’ Roses music playing along for almost everything you do.

The machine features a game mode named after their album called Appetite for Destruction which is one of the features you can trigger. It gives you 5 different figures in a crossover three reels which can get you a big prize. If you love free things, you may just get a chance to receive a rocking 10 free spins which is also another triggered only feature.

You get good music with potential good winnings. Who wouldn’t love playing the Guns N’ Roses slot machine?