Top Guitar Duos Who Have Ever Lived

Two can definitely be better than one. While one guitar is enough to make people fall in love with the sound of it, hearing two at the same time with the proper coordination can sweep people off their feet. Of course, it can even be a lot better if these two guitarists are skilled. Many popular bands find their success in achieving that great sound from guitar duos. As a group, a guitar enthusiast, these guitar duos serve a big inspiration.

Angus Young and Malcolm Young from AC/DC

AC/DC just had to be here, and there is no denying that the Young brothers definitely live up to their name creating that lively feeling in their songs. Just search any AC/DC concert on YouTube and you will see why this guitar duo makes perfect sense for the band. Angus expressing all his hyperactivity into his body movements when he plays just makes you want to rock while his older brother Malcolm putting all his energy putting out those sick rock-solid riffs.

Joe Perry and Brad Whitford from Aerosmith

While being the most iconic rock band of the 70s and 80s, many people credit the duo, Joe and Brad, for keeping the band alive, especially during the latter part of their career. Many rocks riffs that are popular now can actually be traced down from their 70’s music. In the 80s, it was this duo that kept innovating and introducing new sounds with their blues-rock feels.

Kevin Richards and Brian Jones from Rolling Stones

Who could ever forget the Rolling Stones? There is no other perfect example of a guitar duo than their guitarists Kevin and Brian. While it may be easy to spot a dynamic duo in other bands, no one can deny seeing the epitome of that in the Rolling Stones. While later members Ron Wood and Mick Taylor continued on their legacy, it was really Kevin and Brian that established their unique sound.