Phone Apps that Help You Learn and Polish Your Guitar Skills

Learning how to play guitar requires a lot of effort and it will take a lot of time before you actually get good at it. While the normal way to practice is to actually play the instrument itself, there are other ways to hone your skills or even learn and use them as a pre-course while you do not have a guitar yet. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using your smartphones. There are apps that act as supplementary tools to your learning process.

Real Guitar

This works especially well for those who have yet to buy their own guitar. The app simulates an actual guitar and its sounds hence aptly named as Real Guitar. This will give you an idea on how to play chords, especially if your phone supports multi-touch as you will be using multiple fingers.

Perfect Ear

Although this is not specifically a guitar-app, it will help anyone who wants to get into music seriously. Any kind of musician or instrumentalist will have to distinguish carefully between the rhythm and tone which may be hard for first-timers. It has exercises you can use when you want to learn how to read notes on a music sheet.


There may be a ton of other apps that have metronome features but not as specific as this app. Metronomerous arguably is made for the more experienced ones since its interface can get confusing for guitar trainees. But once you get the hang of its controls, this app is useful for anyone at any skill level.


If none of the apps above work for you, you will probably have more chance of liking smartChord. One of its best features is that it makes use of your phone’s microphone and inputs the note or the chord you are playing. It can be a lot of things: a chord finder, a metronome, virtual guitar, and even make sheets.